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In a nutshell, search engine optimisation (SEO) – search engine optimization – is an editorial process that changes the content of a website with the aim of making it easily accessible to search engines and people using search engines. By serving up a ‘search engine friendly’ website to search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Live, you can significantly increase the number of people finding and viewing your website.

There are two main strands within the most effective search engine optimisation strategies. The first, on-site search engine optimisation refers to structural and editorial changes made to the website itself. The second, off-site search engine optimisation refers to additional activities that help to increase the website’s search engine presence and rankings.

Please view more about the search engine optimisation services I typically offer below. If you would like to discuss a project or commission me for any of these services, feel free to contact me.

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On-Site Search Engine Optimisation Services

SEO strategies to assist search engines find, index and present your site to the search market

1. SEO Site Review

This first-step review includes suggestions and recommendations on how to improve the ‘search engine friendliness’ of your website. It outlines key areas in which improvements could be made. By acting on these suggestions, you can make a significant difference to your website’s online visibility through organic search and to the amount of search engine coverage/traffic it receives.

2. Keyword and Market Research

This research identifies relevant keyword search phrases for inclusion in your website content (i.e. the words and phrases search engine users in specific geographic markets are actually using to find businesses online). A shortlist of search phrases is then provided based on a) attracting relevant traffic whilst avoiding overwhelming online competition and b) your search engine optimisation budget (time and resources).

3. Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Search engine optimisation strategies can be used as a set of instructions/recommendations by a website designer or developer as they outline what changes to website’s structure and content should be made to help increase its search engine coverage. Typically these search engine optimisation strategies include:

  • An outline of changes to Meta data on the home page and throughout (most of) the site
  • Editing requirements for home page and existing sub-pages
  • New optimised content pages (i.e. enhanced with keyword phrases) for the website content
  • Submitting of site information to popular and relevant search engines and directories (free listings only). This part of the optimisation is only done when ‘search engine friendly’ changes are live.

4. Supply of Optimised Content Pages

Additional optimised content pages can be added to a website to help increase its keyword coverage and search engine visibility. Pages are written and provided in a Word document (including page names, Meta data, page text and links) for upload by your website designer or developer.

5. Upload of Optimisation

Once search engine optimisation strategies or optimised content pages are approved for publishing, you can also commission the editing and uploading of your pages. However, it is always useful to double-check changes once they are published on your website, so you may prefer to upload changes yourself or ask your website designer or developer to undertake this task.

6. Review of Uploaded Optimisation

Once a strategy has been uploaded (either to a test server and/or published live), a review of all pages is made to ensure that nothing has been missed and that additional edits are made as required.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimisation Services

Additional SEO strategies to help improve your search engine rankings

1. Review of Link Popularity

This is a complimentary service which uses MarketLeap, a free-to-use popular 3rd party software, to assess your website’s current link popularity (i.e. the total number of links or ‘votes’ that a search engine has found for your website) against three of your major online competitors. This information gives you an idea of how much you need to do to increase your link popularity.

2. Link Strategy

This document outlines a potential link popularity strategy for your website based on relevant opportunities for your business. It includes an outline of the techniques you could feasibly use to increase your website link popularity, whether it be on-site cross linking, free or paid directory listings, blog marketing, article marketing, newsletter marketing, social networking and so on.

3. Link Building

Once you have decided which link building technique/s you want to focus on, I can undertake the necessary link building work. An estimate of costs will be provided before each project begins.

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Service Fees

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